Thursday, December 31, 2009

Two Lyrics:Two Close

This is the first ever written my English verse

Blood Test:
It is a sudden unknown feelings which flooded in my mind that great day

The Toxic Saga:

This was written on Dec 3,2009 an eve of 25th anniversary of BHOPAL GAS TRAGEDY Dedicated to victims of words greatest disaster

Blood Test

Winter was at its zenith that morning
I was not feeling myself charming
Cough and cold had captured me
It was as usual not new to me

Hospital was now my destination
I went to doctor’s consultation
My throat had chocked up
He suggested to blood check up

I had to followed the procedure
Its was necessary for best care
I went to lab for the test
From here stared my unrest

A delicate and very pretty LADY was there
I was not in me it was sure
Mind forgot the all disorder
I presented my hand to her

Awesome smile come out at her face
She murmured something in her grace
“You have to open the elbow joint for that”
Then she tightened a bend on arm
And my blood was now becoming warm

A syringe now inserted in the vein
I saw her fingers was very thin
Artistic architecture I ever saw
Very touching manner not the raw

Her finger touched my nerve
They were moving in the curve
My conscious almost lost
Drops of blood was its cost

Blood was taken Very gently
My mind into her completely
She put cotton piece on the wound
My soul feels heart bound

She rubbed the wound slowly
“Its Over” she said calmly
I had to come out from the heaven
But my whole existence had been shaken

Toxic Saga

Toxic Saga
That was going to be a cool night
It was destined to human’s plight
All the mankind was sleeping
Dreams of night, they were seeing

Suddenly a wicked air leaked from somewhere
Moving here and there, around the atmosphere
The sphere of death were overcastting the city
The human life now became very petty

Life was coming under the death
Coming morning was going too late
Every where death was in the sight
Life was moving in the flight

Industrial disaster of greatest extent
Happened at this dark moment
This time was most sinister ever we seen
What an impact embossed it had been

Misery we had never been forgot
It shocked every soul’s thought
Culprits are still fugitive of Law
Victims must never to withdraw

नव वर्ष की हार्दिक शुभकामनायें

नव वर्ष के शुभ अवसर पर मेरा ये नवीन प्रयास सादर समर्पित हैं |
आशा हैं की आप अपने विचार इस ब्लॉग पर समय समय पर व्यक्त करते रहेंगे

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